Review of Major Class/School Rules...
1. You must be in your assigned seat by the bell or you will be marked tardy...entering the room at the bell or after is considered tardy-DO NOT stay and talk with teachers placing you tardy for my class..
2. There will be no talking without permission or sidebar conversations with students
3. No cell phones are allowed in my class at any times, unless specified for a lab...Referrals will be written if phones go off or they are seen on a test.
4. Safety is paramount...Dissections and activities predispose students to accidents and never horseplay or not adhering to directions.
5. Grades will not be discussed in e-mails and ALL grades are earned...
6. You must raise your hand to ask a question-never to shout in the room as this disturbs other students requiring quiet environments.
7. Dress codes will be adhered to per school policy...
8. Cheating will result in automatic zero on assessment and referral-this includes wandering eyes, talking, and/or using cell phones or notes...
9. No eating or drinking without professional courtesy: only capped bottles, closed containers, etc...If I reward you with a snack, respect the privilege...
10. Disrespect, bullying, or defiance in my classroom will not be tolerated...All students
must earn respect and treat others as young adults in this learning environment.
***This 2nd Semester will be extremely rigorous and more demanding with the remaining body systems, CPR and Dissections...Pace will be fast and ultimate study and review daily is encouraged to be successful...You MUST come to class prepared and on time!

Text p. 262...General Senses: Are Not the ones (the 5) you are familiar with...
1 and 2. Touch and Pressure :(Tactile/Baro)
 tactile...Meissner's corpuscles in epidermis
Pacinian...heavy pressure in dermis
3 types of Touch Receptors:
a. Mechanoreceptors: pressure-dermis
b. Thermoreceptors: temperature(thigmo)-hot/cold-dermis
c. Pain receptors
3. Temperature = Thigmo
4. Pain
Text p. 265...Special senses:
1. Smell = olfaction
2. Taste
3. Hearing = auditory/acoustics
4. Equilibrium
5. Sight = optic or opthalmic
***You notice Touch is now classified as General sense, not special...

Olfaction = sense of Smell...
Image result for sense of smell diagram
***The Cribriform plate is porous, filled with holes that allow axons to connect with each other, thus producing the sense of smell...
***Most of what you taste has to pass by the 'olfactory bulb'...when you have a cold, you can't taste food the same...

Image result for nose anatomy

Special senses video below...

Image result for taste and umami

Image result for taste and umami
Image result for near vs far sighted

Image result for label the eye diagram

Image result for glaucoma eye

Image result for glaucoma pictures

Image result for astigmatism

Image result for conjunctiva

Image result for cataract
Anatomy of the Ear

Outer Ear-Pinna or Auricle...from earlobe to eardrum(Tympanic membrane)
Middle-auditory ossicles: incus, malleus and stapes(smallest bone= hammer, anvil, stirrup old names), Eustachian tube, oval window......
Inner: Semicircular canals(equilibrium), cochlea, round window...
vestibulocochlear nerve ...VIII


Image result for label the ear diagram