***Honor students must multi-task by reviewing web page daily, textbook as reference and notes from class as we approach the most challenging, high level and rigorous chapters yet- we will require all background knowledge from previous chapters and move forward too...stay focused as some will find this very difficult material.Tutoring may be necessary for some.

Ch 13...An overview of the Cardiovascular System...short video...For those who want to be the best: stay ahead:

CV system intro video notes.docx CV system intro video notes.docx
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Blood Clotting = Hemostasis...short video...link is below...

Know these proteins which are called Globulins in sequence...
Prothrombin--Thrombin--Fibrinogen--Fibrin...then a blood clot is formed as Platelets stick to a damaged bleeding site and cause a scab(blood clot_...If it remains stationary it is called a Thrombus...if it moves by exercising, sneezing, coughing...it is called a(n) embolus which moves in bloodstream and lodges in heart, lungs, brain...and a fatal ending..

Erythrocytes and Leukocytes are manufactured in Spleen and Bone Marrow...spleen is a blood reserve and it is reddish brown color...
***Blood types help is watching the video on the right...Watch it until you grasp the content...you never know when a pop quiz will arise....hint...above stomach on Left side...

Play the Blood Typing Games...
1. https://www.nobelprize.org/educational/medicine/bloodtypinggame/
2. http://www.redcrossblood.org/donating-blood/donor-zone/games/blood-type
4. https://www.wisc-online.com/learn/natural-science/life-science/ap14804/blood-groups

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Here are some problems that you might encounter one day...YOU ALWAYS ASK A TEACHER!!!

There is a practical joker in the maternity ward who removed all the baby id bracelets. There are three babies that cannot be easily distinguished and the parents want to be sure they get the right ones back so the doctors do a blood test. A particular mom is homozygous type A and the dad is type O. The babies have blood types AB, A, and O. Show your work below and indicate which baby must be theirs.

Here are problems asked of me...

Problem 1: Is a type O possible in this situation?

Help to answer the question

Could you please help me? I have a question that is NOT a homework question. I am a Junior in High School. "Could a man with type B blood and a woman with type AB produce a child with type O blood?" I think not, because type O is recessive, and the B's seem to be dominant. My cousin thinks yes. Thank you for your help. -- Vicki

Possible genotypes

The possible genotypes of a man with blood type B are BB or BO and the genotype of a woman with blood type AB is AB. The child would receive an A allele or a B allele from the mother and a B allele or an O allele from the father. Therefore, the child could not possibly be of blood type O. The following diagrams are Punnett squares for the two possible combinations, i.e. AB x BB or AB x BO.

B.Not possible
Can you solve it:?

Problem 2: What are the potential blood types of the father of my son?

I have been reading your info about inheritance of blood types and I am getting very confused! I am trying to figure out what blood type the father of my son could have since my son and I are both type A+. Also, my brother is type 0 and my mom is A+. We can't find anything that explains how this can be. Could you please help??? --From a concerned Mom

The father could be:
A.A, AB, B, or O
B.Either A or B
C.Either A or O

Problem 3: Do we all have the same biological father?

We were surfing the net for information on how to confirm blood types inherited from our parents. Your home page offered a lot of good, basic information, but since we are non-bio-science types, our understanding is dated back to high school. Could you offer a reference that would be helpful to figure out blood typing. We understand that a ABO matrix is part of it, and we expect it to be technically over our heads - but we're willing to try. Our basic question is: What is the blood type consistency of two parents who are O+ who have 8 children? 2 of 8 are reported to be O+ and O-. Does that seem to be likely?? --John


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Key Vocabulary: To be Memorized...there are always more added!

1. RBC's = Erythrocytes
2. WBC's = Leukocytes
3. Platelets = Thrombocytes
4. Hematocrit
5. Plasma
6. Serum
7. Hemoglobin
8. Erythropoietin
9. Leukocytosis
10. Leukopenia
11. Plasma Proteins
12. Hemostasis
13. Coagulation
14. Agglutination
15. Thrombus
16. Embolus
17. Antigen
18. Antibody
19. Rh factor
20. Hemophilia
21. Anemia
22. Heparin
23. Phagocytosis

Hemophilia: bleeding disease...

Image result for hemophilia

***If a thrombus moves-it is called a(n) embolus...
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Image result for WBC phagocytosis

Bone Marrow:
Image result for bone marrow

Image result for leukemia

***Here is a video link on basic blood types for assessments...

Image result for blood vessels

Image result for blood vessels

Image result for blood vessels

Image result for Rh factor
Image result for blood plasma and formed elements
Image result for blood plasma and formed elements
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