CH 5-The Muscular System
Muscle Body Diagram And Knee Pictures Muscles In The Body Labled, – Human Anatomy Diagram
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Monday-11/5...CW: Make-up tests...
***Class video 2-Muscular system-only today to create...
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HW: Read ch 6.1 and always review...
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CW: Video #2...Muscles-2 groups / class using our muscle man video as a guide...
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***Pay attention to vocab and structures highlighted in class...write down these words as you cannot remember them all once you leave class for the day...

Muscles: always look at prefixes: Inter = between...
***Intercostals: Between ribs-Internal and External
***Supraspinatus...over or above spine
***Infraspinatus ...below spine
***Levator scapulae...raises shoulder
***Ext and Int obliques...connect the ribs
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Muscles labeling ws.docx Muscles labeling ws.docx
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Tuesday-10/30...CW: Skull/Facial muscles and Thorax/Back Muscles...
Labeling ws is below from Monday...

***Muscles video from today...
***Facial muscles video...
HW: Complete face muscles labeling and review ch is as file above...

head muscles

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Podcast 8-Muscular System-Jessie L and Aliciia G.MP3

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***The LONGEST muscle in the body is an 's-shaped' muscle called SARTORIUS on anterior leg.
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Image result for label hamstrings

Image result for label hamstrings

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Muscles labeling ws.docx Muscles labeling ws.docx
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Monday-10/29...CW:Make-up quizzes...
 ***11 Muscle Groups/Naming muscles...
2 short videos...
Hw: read ch 5.3...always review...
Video links from today below...
***Muscle 11 groups:
***Naming Muscles:
Muscles Rap:
Myocyte song:

*** Muscle labeling ws from today-pd above...

8 Criteria for naming muscles:

The eight criteria are:
  1. Size.
  2. Shape.
  3. Orientation of the muscle fibers.
  4. Mechanical action of the muscles.
  5. Number of origins of a muscle (and yes, muscles can have more than one origin)
  6. The points of origin and insertion.
  7. Name of the muscle function.
  8. The muscle's location.
  9. ATROPHY???
  10. FASCIA...Tendon...Ligament...
  11. Review Vocab: tendon-connects muscle to  bone
  12.                          ligament-connects bone to  bone
  13.             **NEW Fascia- connects muscle to muscle

Deep Muscles: below the surface...usually named inferior or minor
Superficial Muscles: on surface of bone...usually named major or superior
Latinizing_ take bone name and add is or  us...example:frontal bone = frontalis, zygomatic bone = zygomaticus...

Thursday-10/25...CW: Skeletal Disorders presentations today only-2 min. time frame...Know your disorder-Reading the screen is not permitted...
HW:Ch 4-5 Formative quiz 3 tomorrow...
Friday-10/26...CW: Ch 4-5 Formative quiz 3...15 Q = 45 pts...
HW: always review and read sec, 5,1 and 5,2 for Monday...
Skeletal Disorders Project 2.docx Skeletal Disorders Project 2.docx
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Tuesday-10/23...CW: Ch 5 Intro...
Joint video viewed...
***All students have an input to fixing or improving a class project if given the chance...If you work on your skin disorder project at home tonight, that will minimize the media center use tomorrow and allow you to re-record your video and re-edit...
***Here is the muscle video intro from today...
Wednesday-10/24...CW: Media center research...

Skeletal disorder research with your group...come to class for attendance...if you were redoing class video, you should have your research from home...

Skeletal Project 2 Criteria: 😸😸
***May do PPT or video not to exceed 2 minutes...
****For PPT: 8 slides max including title slide and references slide-title has names-date-pd-group # title and picture...
***Only bullets used-minimal text and real pic, not cartoon, on every slide...
***Do not include words you cannot pronounce or explain...
***For video: 2 min. describing your bone disorder/disease using pics if you can...
***If group member is prepared to pick up the slack and cover their part-know it all!!
***Will be in Media center Wed and present Thursday whether students are absent or not...

***If you work and perform a project with the mindset of 'I'm going to do the best job possible, I will rehearse my oral presentation, and have questions ready to answer...than an 'A' is a reachable. realistic  goal...If you copy and paste, turn your back to read a screen, and can't pronounce the words correctly...than an 'A' is an unrealistic, unreachable goal.

          1. Name of your skin disorder, disease, etc.

          2. What causes it?

           3. What are the symptoms (how does it present itself

           4. What is the prognosis (treatment)?  How effective is the treatment usually?

            5. Who gets it: what sex, and age group

           6. If he disorder is contagious, how can we keep from getting it?  If it is not contagious, how could we reduce the risk of getting it?

           7. Treatment plan.

So, 8 slides including title slide(must have name-date=pd-title and picture on it) and References slide...minimum 3 references(not generic like webmd, wikipedia, etc.)


**Your presentation will require a minimum of 2 sources cited (Wikipedia,, etc. are not acceptable sources). Full web address..


HW: Research presentations due tomorrow!
Muscle characteristics to memorize-
1. Contractility
2. Excitability
3. Extensibility
4. Elasticity
5. Adaptability

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Ch 5-Muscle Vocabulary

Origin: the 'fixed' point of attachment to head of muscle(ex. Bi-ceps has 2 origins, Tri-ceps has 3 origins)

Insertion: point where muscle attaches that is 'movable'

Action: what movement muscle produces(flexion, extension, etc.)

Antagonists: muscles that cause opposing movements(flexion and extension)biceps and triceps.

Agonist: the muscle that does the most moving in a pair(also called prime mover).

Synergists: muscles that assist the agonists

Myofibrils: muscle fibers containing 2 protein filaments:
               ***Myosin: thick fibers
              *** Actin-thin fibers

Myocyte: muscle cells

Human Muscles - Lab Guide


Rectus Abdominis 
External Oblique 
Internal Oblique 
Transversus Abdominis 


Biceps Brachii 
Triceps Brachii 
Flexor Carpi Radialis 
Flexor Carpi Ulnaris 
Extensor Carpi Ulnaris 
Extensor Digitorum 

Legs and Pelvis

Rectus Femoris 
Vastus Medialis 
Vastus Lateralis 
Adductor Longus 

Gluteus Maximus 
Gluteus Medius 
Tensor Fasciae Latae 
Biceps Femoris 

Tibialis Anterior 

Head and Neck

Epicranius Frontalis 
Epicranius Occipitalis 
Orbicularis Oculi 
Orbicularis Oris 
Splenius Capitis 

Shoulders and Chest

Rhomboideus Major 
Levator Scapulae 
Serratus Anterior 
Pectoralis Major 
Pectoralis Minor 
Teres Major 
Teres Minor 
Latissimus Dorsi 


Image result for muscle tissue

Image result for muscle tissue