Monday-12/3...GO TO CH. 7-The SENSORY SYSTEMS...
Thursday-11/29...CW: Sub today- textbook questions sec. 6.4..
Q 1-5 p. 220, Q 1-8 p. 222, copy and study table p. 217.
Do not turn in-review them for possible quiz Monday...
HW: Always review...
Friday-11/30...CW: Sub today...textbook questions sec. 6.5...
Q 1-3 p. 227. Q 1-4 p. 229, Assessment questions p. 233.
Do not turn in-review them for possible quiz Monday...
***You must always study and review daily for comprehension and retention of material...
HW: Always review...
Wednesday-11/28...CW: Reflex and reaction Time lab...
***You MUST ALWAYS prepare with PRE-LAB...being familiar with directions and expectations posted on this page...SAFETY FIRST! Unprepared is NOT safe!
 1. Patellar Knee Reflex
2. Babinski Reflex
3. Reaction Time Test-using calculated times WS...
Groups of 3 already chosen...
Completed WS must be turned in(1 per group) for Lab credit!
Labs may NOT be made up unless discussed with teacher prior.
HW: Always review previous lesson and web page...

Monday-11/26...CW: Make-up quizzes...
Let's pick up where we left off...
Cranial Nerves:text p. 216-219.

Video from today...
Cranial nerves song...

Cranial Nerves-12 pairs...
Roman numerals review: I = 1, V = 5, X = 10,L = 50, C = 100, D = 500, M = 1000
***An I before a V or X = 1 less than the V or X, ex. IV = 4, IX = 9
***An I after a V or X = 1 more than the V or X, ex, VI = 6, XII = 12
XL = 40, LX = 60, MCMLXXIV = ????
***Test your knowledge by clicking the link below!

Cranial Nerve:


Major Functions:

I Olfactory



II Optic



III Oculomotor


eyelid and eyeball movement

IV Trochlear


innervates superior oblique
turns eye downward and laterally

V Trigeminal


face & mouth touch & pain

VI Abducens


turns eye laterally

VII Facial


controls most facial expressions 
secretion of tears & saliva

VIII Vestibulocochlear


equillibrium sensation

IX Glossopharyngeal


senses carotid blood pressure

X Vagus


senses aortic blood pressure 
slows heart rate 
stimulates digestive organs

XI Spinal Accessory


controls trapezius & sternocleidomastoid
controls swallowing movements

XII Hypoglossal


controls tongue movements

Reflex_and_Reaction_Time_Lab.doc Reflex_and_Reaction_Time_Lab.doc
Size : 54 Kb
Type : doc
copy_of_reaction_time_conversion_table.pdf copy_of_reaction_time_conversion_table.pdf
Size : 151.547 Kb
Type : pdf
Tuesday-11/27...CW: The Meninges...mnemonic: D-A-P from superior to inferior...
***Mater = mother in latin...
**Meninges video from today:

***Meninges are 3 membranes that cover and surround the brain and spinal cord. mnemonic D-A-P
the three membranes (the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater) that line the skull and vertebral canal and enclose the brain and spinal cord.
Dura Mater-outermost
Arachnoid Mater-middle
Pia Mater-innermost
Subarachnoid space...this is where CSF: Cerebrospinal fluid which is a 'shock absorber' of the brain
***Epidural-for pregnancy injected anesthesia into Dura Mater of Lumbar vertebrae...

***Reflex hammers-Taylor-most common-QUIZ
Watch this video from today...

HWWatch the Babinski reflex for tomorrow's lab...


***Watch the reaction time video for tomorrow...we will use a conversion sheet ...
***Reaction time involves a very complicated physics formula...I included a conversion table that computed the math to save time on Wednesday...
***Each lab group of 3 works professionally and turns in 1 completed ws completely filled out for grade...
Labs may not be made up for absentees unless with teacher permission at appointed time...
Wednesday for students who wish to be 1 step ahead-shorter periods on Wed.

Image result for meninges

Image result for meninges

Image result for 12 pairs cranial nerves

Image result for label the cranial nerves

I will not respond to any e-mails after Friday, 11/16/18 after 2:00 p.m....I will be away on vacation...Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.
Wednesday-11/14...CW: Sub today...
***Text reading and questions answered...They do not have to be turned in but will be quizzed on Friday...
HW: Re-read ch 6.3 and always stay ahead...


***Broca's area is the motor speech area and it helps in movements required to produce speech. ... This is called Broca's aphasia. Wernicke's area, which is located in the parietal and temporal lobe, is the sensory area. It helps in understanding speech and using the correct words to express our thoughts.
Aphasialoss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage.
***Telencephalon:Forebrain: cerebral cortex
***Diencephalon: Forebrain:Limbic system(Thalamus/Hypothalamus
***Mesencephalon: Midbrain: Brainstem combined with      Hindbrain:Brainstem
***Metencephalon/Myelencephalon: Hindbrain: Brainstem

***Gyrus: Gyri pl...ridges or convalutions
***Sulcus: Sulci pl...shallow grooves
***Fissures: deep grooves: Longitudinal
Image result for cerebrum

The Brain Video Notes.docx The Brain Video Notes.docx
Size : 237.193 Kb
Type : docx
Thursday-11/15...CW: Possible sub today...
Ch 6.3...CNS anatomy...The Brain...
***The Brain video notes with video link is above...
**&*3 Major parts: Cerebrum-Cerebellum-Brainstem...
HW: Ch 6 Formative quiz 2...
***All students are accountable to stay ahead of each lesson as quizzes may arise at any moment...If absent, Work is due the day you return...

3 Types of neurons: QUIZ: KNOW
1. Unipolar-brain and spine
2. Bipolar-senses-ears and eyes
3. Multipolar-most common-brain and spine
***Interneurons(inter = between)...relay message from afferent sensory to efferent motor neurons...

Key Vocabulary

1. Cerebellum
2. Cerebrum
3. Cortex
4. Diencephalon
5. Epithalamus
6. Fissures
7. Frontal lobe
8. Hypothalamus
9. Medulla Oblongata
10. Meninges
11. Midbrain
12. Occipital lobe
13. Parietal lobes
14. Pons
15. Primary motor cortex
16. Primary somatic sensory cortex
17. Spinal cord
18. Temporal lobes
19. Thalamus

Image result for corpus callosumKnow for quiz!

Know for quiz!
Image result for brain fissures

Image result for Brain anatomy

Image result for gyri

Image result for cerebrum

Know for quiz!
Image result for unipolar and bipolar neurons

Image result for unipolar and bipolar neurons
Monday-11/12...CW: Veterans Day- No school...
HW: Research paper due tomorrow in class...
Tuesday-11/13...CW: Make-up quizzes...
Anatomy of a neuron...Label the neuron...
Anatomy of a Patellar reflex...
HW: Read sec 6.2 again for lab Wed...
Pd 4 and 5-complete ws below...
Watch the 2 video links from today...
Anatomy of neuron...
Label neuron.docx Label neuron.docx
Size : 47.101 Kb
Type : docx

***Neurons = nerve cells...Protected by NEUROGLIAL cells( supportive structure cells)...
***Cell body = Soma( from Somatic)

Image result for neuron

Image result for neuron

Image result for reflex arc

Image result for types of  neuron

Image result for label the neuron

Thursday-11/8...CW: Pd 1-2-4-5 will go to media center after attendance...
Research report to be written in groups: 1 title page, 3 content pages, 1 references page...all criteria found on Sc Fair tab...
***Remember...each student turns in their 'OWN' copy...not 1 for the group...
HW: Study for Ch 5-6 quiz tomorrow...
Friday-11/9...CW: Ch 5- 6 Muscle/Nervous System Quiz 1...15 Q = 45 pts...
Preparing for assessments takes time and constant review of past , present, and future material all updated daily on my web page...
Available help: Quizlet, web page, textbook, Remind, tutoring before school-enrichment lunch D and after school M-T-and Th...
HW: Research Paper due in class no later than 11/13/18...Extra points for satisfactory early bird completion...
Tuesday-11/6...CW: Sub today...Students will read ch 6.1 and 6.2 and answer the first 3 green question must ALWAYS write the question...Leave for sub to be graded...
HW: always review readings and web page...
Wednesday-11/7...CW: Pd 3 will be in Media Center to research the class Science Fair project...

Pds 1-2-4-5...Intro To N System...
short is posted above...
You will ALL complete a Research paper, 3 pages, as a group...BUT...always submitted individually for student grade-not group grade...

***Research is the topic you are investigating-the subject of your is ALWAYS included with Science Fair Project for judging...
***Class Research Topics for Sc Fair:
Pd 1: Flatulence( intestinal gas)
Pd 2: Afterimages
Pd 3-4-5: Reflexes( and reaction Time)
***Paper is due in class no later than Tuesday, 11/13...
***If you will be absent, then plan ahead and complete it over the weekend-DON'T PROCRASTINATE! Things always come up when you least expect them-like illness, family, etc.

***The criteria for Research Paper is on the Science fair tab...
***Pd 4 will be in Media Center Thursday...
HW: Read ch 6.3 and always review previous text readings...
Ch 6...Nervous System Vocabulary

1. Afferent nerves
2. Autonomic Nervous system(ANS)
3. Axons
4. Cell body(soma)
5. Central nervous system(CNS)
6. Dendrites
7. Effector
8. Efferent nerves
9. Myelin sheath
10. Neuroglial cell
11. Neuron
12. Neurotransmitter
13. Nodes of Ranvier
14. Parasympathetic Nervous system(PNS)
15. Peripheral nervous system(PNS)
16. Reflex arc
17. Schwann cell
18. Somatic Nervous system(SNS)
19. Sympathetic nervous system(SNS)
20. Synapse

Image result for divisions of nervous system

Image result for divisions of nervous system chart

Image result for brain

Image result for brain structures

***Telencephalon:Forebrain: cerebral cortex
***Diencephalon: Forebrain:Limbic system(Thalamus/Hypothalamus
***Mesencephalon: Midbrain: Brainstem combined with      Hindbrain:Brainstem
***Metencephalon/Myelencephalon: Hindbrain: Brainstem

***Gyrus: Gyri pl...ridges or convalutions
***Sulcus: Sulci pl...shallow grooves
***Fissures: deep grooves: Longitudinal
Image result for cerebrum