Chapter Learning Outcomes: You should be able to do the following:

1. List the tissues in a bone.
2. Describe the structures of a long bone, and list the functions of each.
3. Discuss the major functions of bones.
4. Distinguish between the Axial and Appendicular skeletons, and name the parts of each.
5. Locate and identify the bones and the major features of the bones that compose the skull, vertebral column,          thoracic cage, pectoral girdle, upper limbs, pelvic girdle, and lower limbs.
6. Classify joints according to the type of tissue binding the bones together, describe their characteristics, and name examples of each.
7. List six types of synovial joints, and describe the actions of each.
8. Explain how skeletal muscles produce movements at joints, and identify several types of joint movements.

***To be successful with memorization-you must review daily up to 1 hour if the situation warrants...We will be singing, dancing, and reinforcing all lessons to fully succeed in memorization and application of body systems...Remember, our Frontal lobe is not fully developed until 25 yrs of age so I encourage you to review daily, as the course content increases in complexity,every quarter always integrating past knowledge...

***Tutoring is every morning by appointment, only, after school certain days by appt and online with e-mails time stamped no later than 5:00 p.m. E-mails will not be answered after 5:00 p.m.for any reason and never on weekends or holidays.

You must sign-in to my tutoring log book. No credit will be given to sit in the room without being 'tutored' or asking questions for help.Loitering is prohibited...this takes time away from students who need quiet and review.

***Again, grades will not be discussed in e-mails or remind as they are confidential. All grades are earned and should not be discussed in class.

Thursday-11/9...GO TO  CH 8-MUSCULAR SYSTEM...
Tuesday-11/6..CW: sub today-2 skeletal puzzles for classwok collected  grade..
HW: read ahead ch 8...
Wednesday-11/7...CW: navy speakers to  discuss the meaning of Veteran's day...
End of Ch ahead to ch 8...
Monday-11/6...CW: Let's Play Emergency Room Doctor...Contest to see who can identify skeletal injuries by name and location...Then we move on to Ch 8-The Muscular System...
Friday-11/3...CW: Ch 7 Joints Quiz 4- 20 Q = 50 pts...
HW: always review at least 30 min/day...use my webpage-Quizlet-Anatomy might need to study hours/dAY if that's what it takes to be successful in this class.
***Tutoring is free before school(by appt). during 5th(with teacher permission) and after school some days, only.
Wednesday-11/1...Happy November...
CW: Class joint movements video in production...Know all the movements on text p. 165-166.
Best class performance with facts and fun wins...
HW: Review Joints and joint movements in text and webpage..
Thursday-11/2...CW: Vote for best Joint Movements class video...Review for quiz Friday...
HW: Study for 20Q quiz- use text, webpage, and Quizlet...
***Try gaming for practice using my educational site reinforces your knowledge...
Monday-10/30...CW: sub today-balancing chemical equations practice...
Below is a link of 'JOINTS' we will teach you it...
HW. Review joints in textand check webpage...
Tuesday-10/31...Happy Halloween...Make-up tests...
CW: Joints of the body: Fibrous-Cartilaginous-Synovial...Synovial is most common and consists of 3 types...
1. Synarthrosis-not moveable(fixed)-fibrous
2. Amphiarthrosis-slightly moveable-cartilaginous
3. Diarthrosis-fully moveable(synovial)
6 types of Synovial: a. Pivot-radius/ulna, C1 and C2
                                     b. Hinge-elbow/knee
                                     c. Ball and socket-hip/shoulder
                                     d. Condyloid(ellipsoidal)-                         phalanges/metacarpals
                                     e. Saddle-thumb(pollex)
                                     f. Plane(Gliding)-carpals/tarsals
***Hallux is big toe...
Review these 2 Joints video from today.. 

Joints songs
Joint Movements: opposites all ending in -ion
p. 165-166...
Lateral Rotation-Medial Rotation
'We will be innervate and engage each class to perform a routine to learn these words either to music or not and video each class to compete as 'the class most engaged with a 'fun' factor...All 1 day only on Wednesday'...
2 class leaders and a cinematographer...
Image result for types of joints

Image result for types of joints

Podcast 7-Sternum and Ribs.MP3

Thursday-10/26...CW: Sub today...Last day to complete extra time for any completion in pd 5 or after school allowed after Thursday class...
HW: Major ch 7 test 1...100 pts tomorrow...
Friday-10/27...CW: Ch 7 test 1...100 pts...
HW: always review text and webpage...
Wednesday-10/25...CW: Vertebral column: 5 divisions to memorize:
1. Cervical vertebrae = 7
2. Thoracic vertebrae = 12
3. Lumbar vertebrae = 5
4. Sacral vertebrae(sacrum) = 5 fused = 1 adult
5. Coccygeal(coccyx) = tailbone = 4 fused = 1 adult
Total vertebrae = 26...
HW: watch video below...
***Remember C1 and C2-don't mix them up...C2 the axis has a process called the den that articulates with the atlas...
***Fact: Atlas was a titan who betrayed Zeus and was punished to bear the weight of the world on his our 1st vertebra is named Atlas because it supports our head, the center of our body...

Image result for atlas holding the world on his shoulders

 Image result for vertebral column

Image result for vertebral column diagram

Image result for spinal curvatures x ray
3 types of spinal curvatures:
1. Scoliosis-s-shaped
2. Kyphosis-hunchback
3. Lordosis-swayback

Image result for lordosis

Image result for kyphosis

Image result for scoliosis
Image result for vertebral column

Image result for vertebral column
Monday-10/23...CW: Student Guest speaker from UNF...Pd 6 Today: Thorax...Ribs and Sternum...Taking A & P at St. Johns and attending UNF for 2 classes as a Jr.
***All the video link below on Sternum and ribs so you can label accordingly tomorrow...


Tuesday-10/24...CW: Thorax: sternum and ribs..Text p. 153...
HW: always review  text and check webpage...
Read p. 147 and watch video below...

Image result for pelvis and spine

Image result for sternum

Podcast 6-Cranial and Facial Bones.MP3

Katman Podcast 5-Long Bone Anatomy.MP3

Thursday-10/19...CW: 8 Cranium bones and 14 Facial bones = 22 bones total...
short videos on face and skull and then we label for Day 3...
Below are  video links for toaday...know for quiz tomorrow...

Friday quiz study hints:
Parts of long bones...
Appendicular bones-know number of and location...
Axial bones-Pelvic girdle, acetabulum, skull bones.
Textbook p. 141 gives summary of bones and numbers.
Know definitions of Bone Suture, Meatus, Process(p. 142)
Skull bones = 8, Face bones = = 22...
Hands and Feet Bones song to Flintstones below...

Image result for label the 8 cranial bones

Image result for label the facial bones with answer key

Image result for label the skull
Friday-10/20...CW: Ch 7 Quiz on bones learned so far.including parts of long bone..50 pts...
HW: always review text and study webpage as necessary..

Tuesday-10/16...CW: Day 1 of body tracing skeletal system...I will not be there today...
Draw and Label Appendicular:
 Pectoral Girdle (Clavicles,  scapulae), Cranium, Mandible, Humerus, Radius, Ulna, Carpals, Metacarpals, Phalanges, Femur, Tibia, Fibula, Tarsals, Metatarsals, Phalanges, Pelvic Girdle(Coxae = hip)...must have Ilium, Ischium, Pubis...
***Rulers must be used...1st Draw body in pencil and then highlight with black sharpie to see it better...
***All bone labels should be yellow highlighted...
Write ANTERIOR on top of paper...
Use text or pictures from this page to draw number of bones (ex. 8 carpals)...
HW: always check text and webpage...

Wednesday-10/17...CW: Sub today...Day 2 of Bdy tracing...Ruler must be used to label terms...
All Appendicular must be finished labeling today...
Tomorrow I should return(not at 100%) and we will add the cranium and facial bones of axial skeleton...
***Watch the following short video for Thursday...
HW: Stay ahead with labeling in your group...always review text and webpage.
Image result for cranial bones

Image result for facial bones
Monday-10/15...CW: Appendicular Bones...126...
Short video...we plan for full body tracing...
***Video link from today is below...
HW: Read appropriate sections in ch 7 and always review webpage...

Image result for appendicular bones
Image result for bones of hands and feet

Image result for bones of hands and feet

Image result for tarsals and metatarsals
Image result for bones of hands and feet

Image result for xray of hands and feet
Friday-10/13...Report cards posted in Friday...

CW: We discuss the 2 divisions of the Skeletal system...206 bones

a. Axial = 80 bones...head, neck and trunk...

b. appendicular = 126 bones...upper and lower limbs...

Image result for appendicular skeleton

Cell phones are not to be used in my class at any times....
Wednesday-10/11...CW: PSAT for 10th graders...
Thursday-10/12...CW: Intro to the Skeletal system...Parts of a long bone...

Always review textbook..I break it down in lectures for class...Note-taking is the job of the student...

Text-p. 131

1. Long Bones
2. Short Bones
3. Flat bones
4. Irregular bones
5. Sesamoid bones(round)

***There are 2 videos for content we viewed in class...The first general one is below..
More complex video...

Overview of 5 bone types, long, short, flat, irregular, and sesamoid
Image result for parts of a long bone
text p. 132-133

HW: Complete bone labeling of Long Bone
Image result for label a long bone
Bone Structure Vocabulary
This will be updated as necessary.
Students are expected to define from lectures in class and textbook.Any or all may be on assessments.
Text p. 130-134

1. Epiphysis(proximal and Distal)
2. Diaphysis
3. Periosteum
4. Compact Bone
5. Spongy Bone
6. Articular Cartilage(articulation)
7. Medullary Cavity
8. Endosteum
9. Marrow
10. Intramembraneous Bones
11. Endochondral Bones
12. Ossification(Ossify)
13. Fractures
14. Trabecula(e)
15. Joint
16. Ligament
17. Osteoblasts(cytes-clasts)
18. Erythroblasts(cytes)
19. Foramen(a)
20. Epiphysial growth plate

Image result for radiograph of epiphyseal plates

Diagrams below-text p. 140
Image result for anterior skeleton worksheet
Image result for anterior skeleton worksheet
Image result for types of body joint movements
Image result for types of body joint movements

Here is a Bone Joint song for review...
More songs and video ideas...
Disney joint movements...
There are 6 types of body joints known as Synovial joints:
synovial joint, also known as diarthrosis, joins bones with a fibrous joint capsule that is continuous with the periosteum of the joined bones, constitutes the outer boundary of a synovialcavity, and surrounds the bones' articulating surfaces. The synovial (or joint) cavity is filled with synovial fluid.
Beklow- text p. 161-163

Image result for 6 types of body joints


-articulating surfaces flat or slightly curved
-sliding or twisting
ex. wrist and ankle bones, sternum to clavicle


-cylindrical surface of one bone articulates with ring of bone and ligament
-rotation around central axis
ex. atlas, axis, proximal articulation of radius and ulna


-surface of one bone articulates with concave surface of another
-flexion and extension
ex. elbow, phalanges


-concave surface in one direction and convex in another
-back and forth, side to side
ex. thumb, 1st metacarpal and trapezium


-oval-shaped condyle of one bone articulates with elliptical cavity of another
-variety of movements, no rotation
ex. metacarpals and phalanges

Ball and Socket

ball-shapped head of one bone articulates with cup-shaped cavity of another
-all planes and rotation
-hip and shoulder

Image result for bones of the hands and feet

Image result for label the hand bones xray

Image result
Talus...foot pivot bone like fulcrum of see saw 

Hands-Wrist-Fingers = 27 bones x2
Feet-Ankle-Toes = 26 bones x 2
***So as stated in class, 106 bones are in hands and feet of 206 bones...more than 50% bones found here...

Image result for bone of the foot

Image result for foot xray

Below is the catchy skull bones song...
Then label arms/legs/ not go too far ahead...label only bones we discuss in class...

Image result for skull bones diagram

Image result for human skull sutures
Image result for human skull lateral view
Image result for human skull anterior view

 Bones to Memorize 

1.      Cranium                                          38. Suture

2.      Hyoid                                              39. Foramina

3.      Clavicle                                           40. Mastoid Process

4.      Scapulae                                         41. Foramen magnum

5.      Sternum                                          42. Lacrimal bones

6.      Humerus                                          43. Ethmoid

7.      Radius                                              44. Intervertebral disk

8.      Ulna                                                 45. Fontanel

9.      Pelvis                                                46. Meatus

10.  Femur                                               47. Costal Cartilage (ribs)

11.  Tibia                                                  48. Pelvic Girdle

12.  Fibula                                                 49. Pectoral Girdle

13.  Carpals                                               50. Talus

14.  Metacarpals

15.  Tarsals

16.  Metatarsals

17.  Phalanges

18.  Patella

19.  Frontal

20.  Parietal

21.  Temporal

22.  Occipital

23.  Nasal

24.  Vomer

25.  Zygomatic

26.  Maxillae

27.  Mandible

28.  Manubrium-Body-Xiphoid process

29.  Cervical vertebrae

30.  Atlas-Axis

31.  Thoracic vertebrae

32.  Lumbar vertebrae

33.  Sacrum

34.  Coccyx

35.  Ischium-Ilium-Pubis

36.  Calcaneus

37.  Ethmoid




 1. Axial Skeleton = Skull(Cranium)...22 Bones.. + 6 Middle ear bones - 28 bones...

 Hyoid Bone...1 Bone supports tongue

Vertebral column (spine,)...26 bones

 Thoracic Cage ...25 bones...

   Total Axial = 80 bones...

2. Appendicular Skeleton = Pectoral Girdle...4 bones

                                          Upper limbs (arms)...60 bones

                                          Pelvic Girdle...2 bones

                                           Lower limbs (legs)...60 bones

       Total Apopendicular = 126 bones...+ 80 bones = 206 Adult bones...