Remind is a text-messaging service to alert you and/or your parents of upcoming projects or assessments. Open files below for your period.

Here is information on Remind for students and parents: https://www.remind.com/
PDF instructions are below for all of my class periods.

Signing up is easy To join a Remind class, you’ll need a class code from a teacher, coach, administrator, or organization leader. Each code is unique, but it always looks like this: @classcode. Once you have a class code, there are three ways to join the class:
 1 Sign up for text notifications by texting @classcode to 81010.
 2 Go to www.remind.com/join/classcode and follow the directions. 
3 Download the Remind app from the App Store or Google Play, sign up for an account with your email address, and enter the class code when prompted.

***Pd 1 class code:@  bae6a3
***Pd 2 class code:@  b2gkfd
***Pd 3 class code:@  64hk2b
***Pd 4 class code:@  ckkfk72
***Pd 5 class code:@  7dcc6k