Remind is a text-messaging service to alert you and/or your parents of upcoming projects or assessments. Open files below for your period.

Here is information on Remind for students and parents: https://www.remind.com/
PDF instructions are below for all of my class periods.

Remind-pd 1.pdf Remind-pd 1.pdf
Size : 69.311 Kb
Type : pdf
Remind-pd 2.pdf Remind-pd 2.pdf
Size : 69.785 Kb
Type : pdf
Remind-pd 3.pdf Remind-pd 3.pdf
Size : 69.652 Kb
Type : pdf
Remind-pd 4.pdf Remind-pd 4.pdf
Size : 69.786 Kb
Type : pdf
Remind-pd 6.pdf Remind-pd 6.pdf
Size : 69.655 Kb
Type : pdf