Welcome to Ch 5...The Muscular System...
Tips for Memorizing Muscles:

Sing a Song

Create a song. Doing this will make memorizing the muscle names fun for you which, in turn, may make the task easier. "The triceps's connected to the bicep..." and so on. Make it up to any tune you like and sing your way through your exam.

Use Flash Cards

Make flash cards. Although this may seem like a trip back to elementary school, it is a method that actually works. On an index card, write the name of the muscle on one side and then write its location or function on the other side. Find a study partner and have her hold the flashcards up for you as you give the definitions. In the next round, have her show you the definition so that you can identify the name of the muscle.

Write it Out

Write it down. Some people memorize best by simple repetition. If this is true for you, it may benefit you to take a few muscles at a time and write down their names and locations repeatedly. The number of times will depend on how quickly you can put the information to memory.

Get Active

Bring it to life with software or games like Quizlet or Quizizz that bring the human body and all its muscles into motion. This method can take the boredom out of studying and rejuvenate your zest for learning.When in doubt, use the international Katman page of Destiny(POD)

Monday-11/18...Go to Ch 6-The Nervous System
Thursday-11/14...CW: All videos presented...
***Study groups for Muscular Summative test tomorrow...
HW: Study for ch 5 Muscular summative test...
***Helpful Study Tips(this is NOT the test)
1. Expect a very rigorous test on Muscles...
2. Muscles and movements
3. NEW High level questions(involving critical thinking)
4. Muscle naming
5. Origins-Insertions-Actions
6. Superficial-Deep (ex. majors-minors)
7. Voluntary-involuntary muscles
8. Prime movers(agonists)-antagonists-synergists
9. vocab on webpage, text, in class(ex. prefixes)
10. half the test is true-false so know your anatomy

Friday-11/15...CW: Ch 5 Muscular Summative Test...
***Very rigorous as more knowledge is assimilated...1/2 true false questions to test class comprehension, note taking skills, and study habits.
HW: always review web page...Volunteer Science Fair groups of each period will prepare to complete display board...1 group per class...see me for more details...
Tuesday-11/12...CW: Make-up Quizzes...
***Class video-Part 2...5 minute minimum...incorporating joint movements with muscle movements and muscle names...
Ex. Flexion  = biceps brachii, Plantar flexion = Gastrocnemius...
***Minimum 20 muscles-20
 joint movements...
Editor must use my program...
HW: video must be completed by tomorrow...
***ALL STUDENTS MUST WORK TOGETHER AS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday-11/13...CW: Joint-Muscle Movements Video-Part 2...
Criteria: ***5 minute total time minimum...50 pts maximum...
                 ***20 joint movements/muscles minimum...
                 ***all must be onscreen entire time...
                  ***No attitudes/bullying/laziness/crude comments...
                  ***Noone off task-ie...doing chemistry or math in class...
HW:  video to be presented Thursday in class...always check webpage...all Editors send me the video for review tonight...
Monday-11/11...Veteran's Day...No school...
Hiring Has Now Started-Saturday Only......First Come First Serve...Must Have Very Good Attendance and Behaviors!Remind text me no later than 5:00 P.M!!No hiring on Veteran's Day...
Hiring Positions to be filled:
1. Director_
Pd 1__Shania
Pd 2__Gabby Y_Assistant--Paxton S
Pd 3__Mia R
Pd 4__Ebelyn C
Pd 6__Emma 

2. Producer_________Assistant
Pd 1_Garrett M
Pd 2___Paityn B
Pd 3___Nia...Assistant-Rayna T
Pd 4__Kristine D_______
Pd 6__Kylie L______

3. Screenwriter(Class script)___Assistant
Pd 1__
Pd 2__
Pd 3___MacKealie M
Pd 4__Kori H
Pd 6_Jakiya  

4. Editor(My software)______Assistant
Pd 1__Brianna T
Pd 2__Jaelynn M
Pd 3__Tinsley___Assistant-Shakira B...
Pd 4_Mia C
Pd 6___

5. Choreographer-(Dance and Song)-Assistant
Pd 1__
Pd 2__Mackenzie M...Assistant-Dominique
Pd 3__Gabriela...
Pd 4_Madison F
Pd 6___Alicia C

6. Cinematographer( Camera)____Assistant
Pd 1__
Pd 2_Kamryn B
Pd 3_Kamryn L
Pd 4_Kirah R______
Pd 6_Brianna W
***All Performers must WORK TOGETHER...No bossing-bullying-fighting...TEAM SPIRIT!
Minimum Length of Video-5 minutes...
All Movements and Major Muscles-Ex. Flexion/Extension...Biceps Brachii/Triceps Brachii...
***All must be IN the video except  the Cinematographer with Guest appearance.
***Must have Full scrolling Credits incl. Pd-Date-Names of members, etc..
Thursday-11/7...CW: major Muscles of the body video(it is below right)...Know superficial vs deep, external vs internal, and major vs minor diagrams...
***Study groups for quiz review...Use groups to test your knowledge/weakness of the material...
***Science fair: 1 group will take your experiment performed in class, get your forms and put on display board for test grades...Let me know or I will choose a group...
HW: Study for Ch 5 Muscular Formative quiz 1...
Friday-11/8...CW: Ch 5 Muscular System Formative quiz 1...25 Q = 50 pts...
HW: always review webpage at least once daily...
Wednesday-11/6...CW: Sub today...Ch 5.3 text notes and questions...this will be collected and graded as directed...Always leave in my box including make-ups...
HW: Read ch 5.4...always check web page at least once daily..
The notes and readings will be an integral part or Friday's quiz....
Students: Positive Class Behaviors are Essential to Studen Success...ie. Bullying, Talking...
 Earbuds are prohibited in class as are cellphones...Discipline will result in immediate referrals if they are ever used while teacher is absent....Nothing ever deviates from the norm in absence of teacher!
***If teacher is absent, accountability rests with the students to study this material for any assessments.
The videos above are to be watched with notes taken...Notice the muscle movements discussed and the Major muscles expected to memorize for any assessments.

Ex. Biceps brachii = 2 muscle heads = flexion...
Triceps brachii = 3 muscle heads = extensors...
C S (common sense)...Carpi ulnaris = flexor of hand on ulnar side...Tibialis anterior = front of tibia...
Know for Quiz:

***know tendons/fascia
Intercostals = between ribs
Superficial on top...Deep = below
Rectus = straight...Transverse = across
***Muscles in cut away diagrams are Deep and Minor
***Longest muscle in body is S-shaped= Sartorius...
Rectus = straight, Vastus = great...
***Quadriceps = 4 muscles: anterior thigh...
1. Vastus lateralis
2. Vastus intermedius
3. Vastus medialis
4. Rectus femoris
Hamstrings = 3 muscles  Posterior thigh...
1. Semitendinosis
2. Semimembranosis
3, Biceps femoris

The Muscular System


Label the selected skeletal muscles and the Achilles tendon (posterior view). 

For each item below, use the pull-down menu to select the letter which labels the correct part of the image.

The letters A through I appear on an image associated with this question.


Image result for label the arm quiz
Match them up...

Flexor digitorum superficialis

Flexor carpi ulnaris

 Flexor carpi radialis


 Biceps brachii

 Extensor carpi ulnaris

 Extensor digitorum

 Flexor carpi ulnaris

Extensor carpi radialis brevis

 Extensor carpi radialis longus


 Triceps brachii

Quadriceps with labels


Image result for superficial and deep muscles anterior  diagram

Image result for label trunk muscles

Monday-11/4...CW: Ch. 5.3...Muscles of the Head and Face...
Short video...Muscle labeling WS...Video 1 above...
***Naming Muscles: https://youtu.be/5ra-gxc17Fk
***Muscles Rap: https://youtu.be/s-uXNgpcakU
***Trunk:  https://youtu.be/Iyi3il8TB_4
***Arm: https://youtu.be/uZzZVzMX9RM
***Lower leg: https://youtu.be/IZ19rGD6hqs
***Thigh: https://youtu.be/duyifmf1-5A

***Remember...we start out with the Muscleman Workout video...
HW: Read ch 5.3 and always check webpage at least once daily...

face muscles

Image result for label face muscles

Tuesday-11/5...CW: Science Fair Experimentation...
***Each class will perform a different experiment...The best experiments that meet the criteria will be entered the school Science Fair...Inclusion of a display board and the appropriate forms will result in an additional test grade...
HW: Always review webpage at least once daily and read ch. 5.3...
Pd 1...Flatulence
Pd 2...Afterimages
Pd 3...Reaction Time Reflexes
Pd 4...Retinal Blind Spot
Pd 6...Reaction Time Reflexes
***1 Group from each class will be chosen (volunteered) to complete a display board and the necessary ISEF forms...All information is found on my Science fair tab...1-2 test grades will be received pending completion of project by Thanksgiving break...
***Students...If you wish to do your 'own' Anatomy Science fair experiment, please let me know as you will receive a test grade for it...
Thursday-10/31...Happy Halloween...
***Pd 2...Grab a treat bag and reward our precious day care trick or treaters during your class...Let's make it a fun and memorable Halloween...AND BE SAFE TONIGHT!
CW: Intro to Ch 5-The Muscular System...Approx. 640 muscles in the body...3:1 muscles to bones...
***Here is the muscle video intro from today...https://youtu.be/rMcg9YzNSEs
HW: Study for Ch 4-5 Formative Quiz...
Muscle characteristics to memorize-For Quiz...
1. Contractility
2. Excitability
3. Extensibility
4. Elasticity
5. Adaptability

3 Types of Muscle Tissue...
Image result for muscle tissue

***Here is the muscle video intro from today...https://youtu.be/rMcg9YzNSEs
Ch 5-Muscle Vocabulary

Origin: the 'fixed' point of attachment to head of muscle(ex. Bi-ceps has 2 origins, Tri-ceps has 3 origins)

Insertion: point where muscle attaches that is 'movable'

Action: what movement muscle produces(flexion, extension, etc.)

Antagonists: muscles that cause opposing movements(flexion and extension)biceps and triceps.

Agonist: the muscle that does the most moving in a pair(also called prime mover).

Synergists: muscles that assist the agonists

Myofibrils: muscle fibers containing 2 protein filaments:
               ***Myosin: thick fibers
              *** Actin-thin fibers

Myocyte: muscle cells

Image result for 11 muscle groups

Friday-11/1...CW: Ch 4-5 Formative Quiz 1...20Q = 50 pts...
HW: Read ch. 5.3 and always check webpage...
***Know for Friday Ch 4-5 Formative Quiz
1. Joint movements
2. Functions of Systems
3. 3 Muscle tissue types
4. 5 properties of Muscles
5. reading x-ray of fractured bones
6. numbering bones from 1-5
7. agonists/antagonists/actions
8. bone cells/muscle cells
9. origins/insertions
10. ???????????(disorders-arthritis)

8 Criteria for naming muscles:

The eight criteria are:
  1. Size.
  2. Shape.
  3. Orientation of the muscle fibers.
  4. Mechanical action of the muscles.
  5. Number of origins of a muscle (and yes, muscles can have more than one origin)
  6. The points of origin and insertion.
  7. Name of the muscle function.
  8. The muscle's location.
  9. ATROPHY???
  10. FASCIA...Tendon...Ligament...
  11. Review Vocab: tendon-connects muscle to  bone
  12.                          ligament-connects bone to  bone
  13.             **NEW Fascia- connects muscle to muscle

Deep Muscles: below the surface...usually named inferior or minor
Superficial Muscles: on surface of bone...usually named major or superior
Latinizing_ take bone name and add is or  us...example:frontal bone = frontalis, zygomatic bone = zygomaticus...

Human Muscles - Lab Guide


Rectus Abdominis 
External Oblique 
Internal Oblique 
Transversus Abdominis 


Biceps Brachii 
Triceps Brachii 
Flexor Carpi Radialis 
Flexor Carpi Ulnaris 
Extensor Carpi Ulnaris 
Extensor Digitorum 

Legs and Pelvis

Rectus Femoris 
Vastus Medialis 
Vastus Lateralis 
Adductor Longus 

Gluteus Maximus 
Gluteus Medius 
Tensor Fasciae Latae 
Biceps Femoris 

Tibialis Anterior 

Head and Neck

Epicranius Frontalis 
Epicranius Occipitalis 
Orbicularis Oculi 
Orbicularis Oris 
Splenius Capitis 

Shoulders and Chest

Rhomboideus Major 
Levator Scapulae 
Serratus Anterior 
Pectoralis Major 
Pectoralis Minor 
Teres Major 
Teres Minor 
Latissimus Dorsi 

Muscles labeling ws.docx Muscles labeling ws.docx
Size : 301.975 Kb
Type : docx
 Skull/Facial muscles and Thorax/Back Muscles...
Labeling ws is below 
***Muscles video from today...https://youtu.be/5ra-gxc17Fk
***Facial muscles video...https://youtu.be/d4dc1_kfEMs

Podcast 8-Muscular System-Jessie L and Aliciia G.MP3

Image result for upper arm muscles

***The LONGEST muscle in the body is an 's-shaped' muscle called SARTORIUS on anterior leg.
Image result for sartorius
Image result for label hamstrings

Image result for label hamstrings

Image result for arm and leg muscles

Muscles labeling ws.docx Muscles labeling ws.docx
Size : 301.954 Kb
Type : docx

Skeletal Disorders Project 2.docx Skeletal Disorders Project 2.docx
Size : 13.302 Kb
Type : docx

Skeletal disorder research with your group...come to class for attendance...if you were redoing class video, you should have your research from home...

Skeletal Project 2 Criteria: 😸😸
***May do PPT or video not to exceed 2 minutes...
****For PPT: 8 slides max including title slide and references slide-title has names-date-pd-group # title and picture...
***Only bullets used-minimal text and real pic, not cartoon, on every slide...
***Do not include words you cannot pronounce or explain...
***For video: 2 min. describing your bone disorder/disease using pics if you can...
***If group member is absent...be prepared to pick up the slack and cover their part-know it all!!
***Will be in Media center Wed and present Thursday whether students are absent or not...

***If you work and perform a project with the mindset of 'I'm going to do the best job possible, I will rehearse my oral presentation, and have questions ready to answer...than an 'A' is a reachable. realistic  goal...If you copy and paste, turn your back to read a screen, and can't pronounce the words correctly...than an 'A' is an unrealistic, unreachable goal.

          1. Name of your skin disorder, disease, etc.

          2. What causes it?

           3. What are the symptoms (how does it present itself

           4. What is the prognosis (treatment)?  How effective is the treatment usually?

            5. Who gets it: what sex, and age group

           6. If he disorder is contagious, how can we keep from getting it?  If it is not contagious, how could we reduce the risk of getting it?

           7. Treatment plan.

So, 8 slides including title slide(must have name-date=pd-title and picture on it) and References slide...minimum 3 references(not generic like webmd, wikipedia, etc.)


**Your presentation will require a minimum of 2 sources cited (Wikipedia, Google.com, etc. are not acceptable sources). Full web address..


HW: Research presentations due tomorrow!